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Our website is almost done. It's not done yet...but almost.

Oh, hi Mark.


Who are we?

We're three guys and a stove. No, we're actually the three brewers. Okay...we're not that either. Umm, how about the three musketeers? We wish!

Actually, we're three guys with creative abilities! Kind of like super powers but instead of being able to run at the speed of light or go invisible, we're really good at coming up with ideas! Then, turning those ideas into strategic marketing campaigns which will in turn help build or strengthen your brand!

We have been in the broadcasting industry for a combined 30 plus years writing and producing commercials and radio station imaging. Basically doing everything a creative department does all while helping clients locally and nationally become more successful.

Whether you're a business big or small, radio station, agency, or just want to get your product out there, Kaleidoscope Creative Services want to work with you.


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